Wozu sind Kriege da? Soundstrike Berlin Iran Israel Palestine – Daniel Colletti

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Music by Daniel Colletti – Berlin Soundstrike – Berlin loves Iran Israel Palestine
Israel Loves Iran
Israel Loves Palestine

They advertise war. We must advertise PEACE
Sie werben für Krieg, wir werben für Frieden
Music by Daniel Colletti – Berlin Soundstrike
Against Racism and Wars

Why are there wars?

No one wants to die, that’s obvious
why are they then there are wars?
Mr. President, you’re one of these men
you must know
can you explain it to me?
No mother wants to loose their children
and no woman wants to loose her husband
So why are the soldiers marching off?
To murder people – explain
why are there wars?

Mr. President, I am ten years old now
and I am afraid in this nuclear missiles forest.
tell me the truth, tell me now
what for my life is at stake?
And the lives of all the others – tell me why thistime
they load the guns and kill each other off
They face each other but could be friends
But before they know each other, they kill each other off
I think this is crazy, why this has to be this way?

Did you ask all the billions around the world
asked whether they agree
or it’s also about money?
A lot of money for the big big shots
you build the missiles and the tanks
and then they buy gold and diamonds
for their elegant ones
or because it’s about religious strife
that one does not agree
which God is real?
Or any other reasons
all the same crap
well, maybe I can understand yet
why wars are necessary
I am still too small
I’m just a kid

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