Woman gets tasered in Palm Beach after being stopped for not showing ID

Woman gets tasered in Palm Beach after being stopped for not showing ID

This is an incident which already became famous. Officer Rich McNevin stopped Victoria Goodwin in March 2005, and after not showing her ID and complying with the instructions, Rich McNevin tasered her. This is a shocking example of how quickly officers in the US are willing to use the taser, a weapon which is life-threatening. I was also shocked to see how many people defended this excessive use of force on Internet boards with typical comments like „this bitch should have done as she was told, she is just an idiot“ etc. etc. THIS is not the point. The shocking fact here is that this policeman thought that the only way to resolve this clearly non-dangerous situation is to use a horrible weapon. Is this what you expect from a civilised society? Needless to say that the police strongly defended the action of the officer.

This is the FULL video, whereas on other pages only a „short version“ is shown. But the long version clearly does not give the officer some „extra“ justification.

Links about this incident and other taser incidents:

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