Why is there war? – Noam Sheizaf – Jung & Naiv in Israel: Episode 186

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Why is there war? – Jung & Naiv in Israel: Episode 186

From Tel Aviv with Noam Sheizaf, leading editor of 972magazine
(Deutsche Untertitel sind bald verfügbar!)

Why do Israelis and Palestinians fight? What’s the point? Why must there be war? What’s the situation in Gaza? Is Gaza free? What’s the siege? Is there military occupation? What about the Westbank? How do occupations usually end? What’s so special about the situation in the Middle East? How can there solutions? And what solutions? Does Noam favor a one-state or two-state solution? Is there any good solution or many bad ones?

Noam Sheizaf is an independent journalist & editor of 972magazine (972mag.com)

Jung & Naiv, episode 186 – shot on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, August 2nd, 2014

Thanks to Brent Sluder for our new Middle Eastern theme song. Thanks to the Ben Kollektiv for new graphics.

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