What’s so special about Jerusalem? – Jung & Naiv in Israel: Episode 194

With awesome journalist Noga Tarnopolsky

Why is Jerusalem a unique city? How old is it? And why have there been more than 50 battles in human history? Why was and is conquering Jerusalem such an important strategic goal? Who lives in Jerusalem these days? Why do Islam, Judaism and Christianity love this city so much? What are the “holy sites” and does everyone have access to them? Why is there an East & West Jerusalem? Is it a divided city? Why is there a wall around it? Who wants Jerusalem to be their capital? These and many more naive questions are answered in…

Jung & Naiv, episode 194 from Jerusalem, August 10th, 2014 with independent journalist Noga Tarnopolsky (Twitter @NTarnopolsky)

Thanks to Brent Sluder for our new Middle Eastern theme song. Thanks to the Ben Kollektiv for new graphics.

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Jung & Naiv

Jung & Naiv

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