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How likely is it that we will one day discover a planet with an ecosystem like Earth’s? What if the Earth’s diverse and complex life forms are unique? This documentary takes us on a guided tour that reveals the wonders of our planet.

Scientists are increasingly convinced that the presence of life on Earth is the result of a succession of happy coincidences, each one more improbable than the one before it, which when taken together nearly qualify as a miracle. Or, could it be that earthlings are the winners of some cosmic lottery with crazy odds?

While the origins of life remain shrouded in mystery, we have learned a lot about why life on our planet became possible. For decades, astronomers have been combing the universe, discovering more and more galaxies and solar systems. They’ve found new worlds and distant planets, but surprisingly none of these had environments that would result in an ecosystem similar to the one on Earth. A whole series of improbable cosmic and terrestrial events such as meteor strikes and volcanic eruptions must have all come together at just the right times to shape our planet. Guided by the work of astronomers, cosmologists and biologists, this documentary takes viewers on a tour that explores how our planet and the life on it came into existence. It’s a journey that’s led even the most sober of scientists to ask, „What if our world really is unique?“


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