What has changed in the economy since 2007


Most people ignore the risks in the economy and financial markets, others are staring at the risks, remaining inapt to react to the transition of the economy itself. Only some people can see the change and danger to the economic health and prepare and react accordingly. The main issue in doing that is that one needs to be able to understand what has changed, which is a difficult task when companies are still profitable and media talk about recovery.
Traditionally those like Peter Schiff, Marc Faber and others, who promote realism are found to be rejected by the mainstream public.

Dr. Joern Berninger

Dr. Joern Berninger

In 2007 Dr.Berninger started to make predictions on the coming economic collapse. In this channel you can find discussions in several languages, such as German, Spanish and English. Discussions, Thoughts and Predictions on the subject of the economy and the economic crisis.
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