What Does Slavery Look Like Today? (Video-Clip Free the Slaves 2014)

It’s an ancient abuse, but it persists throughout the world today. Slavery remains one of the greatest human rights challenges of history. Modern-day slavery looks different than the sailing ships and shackles we learned about in history class. Today, it’s largely hidden from sight.

People now are trapped by different forces — less visible, but just as powerful. The Free the Slaves team exposes what slavery looks like today in this gripping new video, as well as examining how Free the Slaves assists people in slavery to break free.

Production Credits: Producer/Editor: Cassie Angeline Timpy; Still Photographers: Peggy Callahan, Kay Chernush, Terry FitzPatrick, Zorba Leslie, Harold Linde, Zia Mazhar, Pete Pattisson, Robin Romano, ASSODIP Congo, CREDDHO Congo, Video: Terry FitzPatrick

Music: Dominic Messinger, Chris Zabriskie (The Temperature of Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan: freemusicarchive.org/music/Chris_Zabriskie/Undercover_Vampire_Policeman/01_-_The_Temperature_of_the_Air_on_the_Bow_of_the_Kaleetan_1165)

Slavery Statistics: Walk Free Global Slavery Index 2013, United Nations International Labor Organization Global Estimate of Forced Labor 2012; Executive Producer: Terry FitzPatrick.

What Does Slavery Look Like Today? (Video-Clip Free the Slaves 2014):
What Does Slavery Look Like Today