Welcome To The World – Why Poverty? (Documentary English 11.01.2013)

WELCOME TO THE WORLD: Is it worse to be born poor than to die poor? 130 million babies are born each year, and not one of them decides where they’ll be born or how they’ll live. In Cambodia, you’re likely to be born to a family living on less than $1/day. In Sierra Leone chances of surviving the first year are half those of the worldwide average.

Brian Hill takes a worldwide trip to meet the newest generation – In the US Starr’s new baby could well be one more of 1.6 million homeless children now living in the streets. Director Brian Hill, Producer Rachel Tierney, Produced by Century Films.

Why Poverty? More informations u find here: http://www.whypoverty.net/en/video/27/

Welcome To The World – Why Poverty? (Documentary English 11.01.2013):
Welcome To The World - Why Poverty? (Documentary English 11.01.2013)



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