WeAreChangeLA konfrontiert Neo-Con David Frum

Man beachte das Gesichte das Helfers beim Wort 911! Er verschrenkt die Arme und nimmt sich sehr Nervös eines der Bücher. Wenn man nun genau darauf achtet merkt man das er das Buch einmal öffnet dabei aber David Frum ansieht, welcher das Buch auch nehmen will, es dann aber auf Grund der angespannten Situation garnicht weitergibt. Frum zieht dann das Buch zu sich und die Hände des Helfers sind leblos in der Luft. Aber warum ist er plötzlich so durcheinander? Weil er in dieser Situation auch Frum symbolisch “beistehen” muss, aber seine Unsicherheit plötzlich verrät das er sich selbst nach den Fragen selbst nicht sicher ist was er nun glauben soll. Am Ende verlässt er das Bild, die Kammera hatte er schon öfters angeschielt, was zeigt dass es ihm nicht ganz Wohl bei dieser dieser Sache ist.

-He is credited with the ideas for “Axis of Evil” speech. he originally called it “Axis of Hate”

-He wrote his last book before the one he’s promoting now with PNAC “Prince of Darkness” Richard Perle called “An End to Evil”

-He announced in October of ’07 that he was signing on to be the Ghouliani campaign’s senior foreign policy advisor… even though he was trained in economics

-He comes from a family of journalists-both his mother and sister are respected journalists

– He drew inspiration for the “Axis of Evil” speech from FDR’s “Day of Infamy” speech after Pearl Harbor

-At 14 he worked for a Socialist candidate until reading Solzhenitzyn’s “Gulag Archipelago.” This relates to the swinging reactionaries of the neo-con ranks (Irving Kristol, David Horowitz), many of whom were pretty hard-core Marxists when they were young. The swing from one extreme and tyrannical obsession to another.

-He saw Saddam’s aggressive wars against Iran and Kuwait as resonant with Hitler and the Axis in WWII. So is it also resonant that as Prescott Bush aided the Nazis until his son helped take them out, H.W. aided Hussein until his soon took him out?

-He went to Yale-what does he think of secret societies and their influence on public life (JFK, Skull and Bones etc.)?

-Arianna Huffington, Gatekeeper Queen of the Progressive blogosphere will interview him

-He was on Jon Stewart and insulted Ron Paul




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