WEARECHANGE Ottawa Confronts Suzuki about Global Warming Hoax

WEARECHANGE Ottawa members went to the Ottawa Go Green Expo on March 21st – 22nd. It was an event catered to the Green movement showcasing green technologies and had environment activists as public speakers thoughout the event. WAC Ottawa had the chance to catch Severn Suzuki speech and ask a few questions regarding the IPCC and the Man Made Global Warming Hoax. The next day, we tried to confront Justin Trudeau about these questions. Security didn’t allow us to record the speech or the question or answer. We did get comments off camera.

Currently in Canada, we have a bill ( Bill C-311) that has passed the 2nd reading and if passes a third reading and then approved by the Senate, Canada will be committed to meeting the scientific levels of greenhouse emission set forth the IPCC. The mainstream media and governments alike will have you belief that all climate scientists are in agreements on man made global warming. My honest research have shown different. I ask should we be voting on this when the science behind climate change is incomplete?

http://www.wearechange.org http://www.wearechangeottawa.org http://www.ottawa911truth.com Climate Change section on Wearechange Ottawa. http://wearechangeottawa.org/node/218



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