We Are Change: Luke and the Super Bowl Challenge Fail (07.02.2012 English)

Luke Rudkowski is an extreme lightweight when it comes to drinking, so we decided to test his drinking ability against the knowledge of American citizens. After 6 tequila shots (a personal record), Luke had to throw in the towel as he couldn’t stand the ignorance and his own weight.

Thank you to all participants for having a good time and not punching Luke in the face. Our main objective was to raise awareness about the existence of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which as we documented, many Americans do not know about.

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We Are Change | Luke and the “Super Bowl Challenge Fail” (07.02.2012 English):
We Are Change Luke Super Bowl Challenge Fail 2012 English

We Are Change: Luke and the Super Bowl Challenge Fail (07.02.2012 English)
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