War crimes & peace deals – Jung & Naiv in Israel: Episode 202

Ahmad Tibi, deputy speaker of the Knesset – Jung & Naiv in Israel: Episode 202

(Deutsche Untertitel verfügbar!)
From Jerusalem with Ahmad Tibi, deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament the Knesset.

Die Leseversion dieser Folge gibt’s bei Krautreporter:

Why are there Palestinian-Israeli parties in the Knesset? Is it possible to be an opposition in the parliament for them? What happened in Gaza? Are Hamas heroes or terrorists? Were war crimes committed? If so, by whom? Who is to be held responsible? What role does religion play? Does Ahmad agree with Dan Schueftan? Why are Palestinians the “victims of victims”? How can there be peace? What comes after Netanyahu?

Jung & Naiv, episode 201 – produced on August 15, 2014

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