VEGAN BADASS HAKA (Guardians of the Earth)

Despite not being vegan themselves the Maori have a lot in common with VEGAN-BADASSES. They traditionally see themselves as a part of nature and not as entitled to rule and exploit the earth. They live in balance with the environment and all life around them. That’s why I had the idea to combine some Haka with footage from my own competitions and some music that I produced my self to create this badass video. Enjoy!

The haka footage is property of O’Neill International
Statement in the intro taken from the documentary “Dances of Life”:
All used footage is property of their license owners, I do not claim any rights on the used footage.
All music by Patrik Baboumian:
Birdsong at the end taken from:


Vegan ganz anders

Vegan ganz anders

Patrik und Katy geben in diesem Buch einen Einblick in ihre ganz persönliche Herangehensweise an die vegane Ernährung.
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