Václav Klaus: «Germany is the battlefield of Europe»

Václav Klaus: «Germany is the battlefield of Europe»

The former Tagesschau news anchor Eva Herman interviews the former president of the Czech Republik Václav Klaus und Andreas Popp in Dresden.

Andreas Popp never was more in agreement with a leading politician than during this meeting. The founder of the Wissensmanufaktur (an independent German think tank for economics, politics, constitutional law and social sciences) recently met in Dresden with former President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus to discuss the situation in Europe. Eva Herman who used to be the Tagesschau news anchor (the news program on the German public TV channel ARD) conducted the interview.

Only on rare occasions has the Czech politician been so explicit when discussing Europe’s future in the context of mass-migration. He speaks about the real danger of a third World War which only became possible through last year’s policies. Klaus directs his marked criticism both at Merkel’s politics and at the German main stream media. “They are as bad as Merkel”, says the president. The term “refugees”, which politicians and the media in Germany stubbornly use to denote the million immigrants, “is wrong” says Klaus. “We call them migrants.”

The president says that everything has changed since the beginning of the “migration of peoples”, the mass-migration of last year, but that the fatefulness and urgency of this historic moment was not being recognised. Václav Klaus and Andreas Popp agree that Europe is in no need of immigration to balance out an alleged “demographic crisis”.

A highly interesting, controversial and honest discussion, which actually should have been broadcast by the publicly financed public broadcasters ARD and ZDF.