‘US Intel agencies didn’t contact us before these allegations’ – tech expert (sputniknews)

Russian tech expert Alexei Gubarev mentioned in the notorious Trump report has denied allegations of ties with Russian intelligence.

The report in question was published on Tuesday by US media giants CNN and Buzzfeed.

The memos alleged that there was collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian intelligence.

Gubarev’s Dallas-based tech company – XBT Holding –was accused in the report of using botnets and porn traffic to hack the Democratic Party during the presidential cycle.

The document also alleged that Gubarev and another hacking expert were recruited under duress by the the Russian intelligence-agency FSB.

The tech expert, however, denies the accusations, saying that they are completely false.

The same sentiment was earlier expressed by Donald Trump, who openly accused both media outlets of deliberately reporting unsupported fake news.

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