US-Election: Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein? – Berlin Debate October 13

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Antikrieg TV

In the run-up to the US elections, 3 US-American leftists based in Europe discussed with the audience the challenges for the new left in the election campaign and beyond:

speakers were:
Kathleen Brown (Die LINKE Berlin Internationals) says that we can’t wait another 4 years to build a new left and that now is the time to vote Stein wherever you are.
— Eric Lee (Founding Editor of LabourStart) is a Bernie Sanders supporter who is now calling for a vote for Hillary Clinton.
— Dr Thomas Greven (JFK Institute, Freie Universität) is supporting Clinton where the vote is close but calling for a Stein vote in «safe states».

Debate in Berlin Thursday, 13 October at Karl Liebknecht Haus (Rosa Luxemburg Platz)
This meeting is organised with the support of die LINKE International department and Progressive Democrats Abroad — Berlin chapter (


AntiKrieg TV

AntiKrieg TV

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