‘US allies won’t support war against North Korea’ – Daniel Pinkston (sputniknews)

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‘US allies won’t support Washington’s preventive war against North Korea’ – Daniel Pinkston
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson concluded on Sunday his first official visit to Asia as President Donald Trump’s top diplomat. The four-day tour included stopovers in South Korea, Japan and China, where Tillerson discussed security and economic issues with senior officials. In Tokyo and Seoul he particularly aimed to reaffirm the allies of Washington’s strong commitment to their bilateral cooperation. Meanwhile in China, Tillerson sought to continue US efforts towards setting up a new modus operandi between Washington and Beijing. Nevertheless, the growing North Korean nuclear threat appeared to dominate the trip, as partners focused much on discussing a coordinated response to the problem. Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Dr. Daniel Pinkston, international relations lecturer at Troy University in Seoul.

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