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Tuneup Windows 7 This is my tutorial on how to make a Windows Vista computer look like the Windows 7 Beta. This applies to the taskbar, and can be used to completely redesign the whole computer’s look. You will need WinRAR, TuneUp Utilities and the Windows 7 theme. Here are the links to all of these programs :


TuneUp Utilities 2009

Windows 7 Theme

Also, WinRAR and TuneUp both cost money. However, if you find them useful, I really do recommend that you buy them. Plus, the Windows 7 Theme is 22MB, and it contains several wallpapers from the Operating System as well.

As far as I know, I might actually be the first person to have worked out how to make Vista look like 7 without having to alter your registry or do anything else that is really advanced. Please enjoy this video, subscribe, rate and comment!

Finally, I will have to point out that if your Vista is not 32-Bit / higher, or it does not support the Aero theme, you may not actually get the full Windows 7 experience. If you’re not sure what the Aero scheme looks like, look at the buttons on the top right of my Windows.

TuneUp, and all the other programs used in this video are copyrights of their respective owners, etc. The Windows 7 Theme is the property of Giannisgx89 on DeviantArt. Feel free to check out his other artwork.

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  1. Avatar von Leon

    Thx a lot, the Vista Style was getting boringer every day :D
    Sry im from germany, my english is bad

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