Tulsi Gabbard Questions Defense Sec. Mattis On Al-Qaeda (Jun. 12, 2017)

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Tulsi Gabbard Questions Defense Sec. Mattis On Al-Qaeda (Jun. 12, 2017)

o my comrades – past, present, and future – and their loved ones,
When we signed up for the military, we signed up to defend the country. We were sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, etc. We were sent to Vietnam… we intervened in a complex civil war there (Syria anyone?) and it scarred Vietnam, the US, and the world. We sent in divisions of soldiers and marines to try catch Bin Laden when special ops could have done it alone (and did, in Pakistan). Today in Iraq, we see a vacuum of power that has resulted in the rise of ISIS. The world will always be complex and the repercussions of our military actions always unknown until after the fact.
In 2020, we need a leader who will seriously question our war aims in such confusing times. A leader who has been there, a veteran like Tulsi Gabbard. Having experienced war first hand, she will not put the military-industrial complex and other questionable motives ahead of the soldiers’ lives and national readiness. The attached video provides a real life, current example of a leader stopping to ask the hard questions that, quite frankly, many are not even aware of what she’s talking about. She continues to put her boots on the ground and then assess, as a leader should, rather than send other people’s children to fight for causes that most politicians support at little personal cost.
As an American, are Tulsi’s questions in this video not the type of questions you want your elected officials to be asking before committing you or your loved ones to war? Before we spgendin more national resources abroad, resources that could be spent at home? On veterans’ care, for example.
As Tulsi served in a field medical unit as a specialist with a 29th Support Battalion medical company in Iraq at Logistical Support Area Anaconda in 2005, seeing countless wounded, you can bet these types of questions were running through her mind.
If you are an Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korean War, or other war veteran, these kinds of questions may have come to your mind, as they did to mine when I was deployed, guarding an oil field in Kirkuk, Iraq. As the smell of oil permeated the air and our skin, I thought… What exactly were my men fighting and dying for? Tulsi asks these sometimes unpopular questions. She has done so as a patriot and as someone who loves her country, at the highest levels. I can only imagine how many loved ones of the deployed have also wondered about the types of questions that Tulsi has the courage to ask, going against the grain of the narratives given to us by the media and many other politicians.
To me, Tulsi Gabbard is the type of leader we need.

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Tulsi Gabbard Questions Defense Sec. Mattis On Al-Qaeda (Jun. 12, 2017)