True Life | Forum Snowboards and Mack Dawg Productions (1997)

The Forum team, formed in around 1997, was dominating the snowboard scene to the point Mack Dawg Productions was willing to film their own video. The Forum company accepted because they knew this would raise publicity and push more product. Halfway through the film, other companies and distributors said it was impossible, and Mack Dawg (Mike McEntire) himself wanted to pull the plug on the project. All of this motivated the team and Sean Kearns, the director of the project. The final project was The Resistance, one of the most progressive films of all time.

Intro – “BOB” by Outkast
Chris Dufficy – “93 Til’ Infinity” by Souls of Mischief
Jeremy Jones – “Everything Turns Grey” by Agent Orange
Bjorn Leines – “Killing Spree” by Swollen Members
Nate Bozung/Mike Page – “Even If” by Method Man
Peter Line – “Mexican Radio” by Wall of Voodoo
Devun Walsh – “Back to Life” by Soul to Soul
Friends – “Come Ride Wit Us” by Kurupt
Joni Malmi – “Get it Right” by Offspring
JP Walker – “Ante Up” by MOP
Credits – “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie

Mack Dawg Productions is a company specializing in full length sport-related movies. It was founded by Mike McEntire in 1988 and their first released production was a skateboard movie Sick Boys. Mack Dawg’s first snowboard movie was released in 1990 under the title New Kids On The Twock. Since that time the company decided to focus only on snowboarding. Mack Dawg Productions is one of the most widely recognized snowboard movies studios.

Movies released
* New Kids On The Twock
* Pocahontas
* Hard, Hungry, Homeless
* Upping The Ante
* The Meltdown Project
* Stomping Grounds
* Simple Pleasures
* Decade
* Technical Difficulties
* The Resistance
* True Life
* Stand & Deliver
* Nixon-Jibfest
* Pulse
* Gameshow
* Shakedown
* Breakdown/Shakedown
* ChulkSmack
* Jibbing With Jeremy Jones
* From ____, With Love

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