The Zen Mind | Zazen Buddhism – Original Movie (English)


“Absolutely amazing and wondefully shot. After watching it I was truthfully extremely relaxed and ready to take on more stress from my every day life. I cannot recommend this film enough. It showcases the most beautiful temples in Kyoto and brought back many fond memories.

Braeley did a first class job and I take my hat of to him.” (Don Warrener, Hollywood, California. 09/27/2007) We have always been fascinated by zen. What does it do (nothing)? What is it (not much)? How do you practice (do nothing)?. So how do you make a documentary of something that you cannot see or touch? Well, I think we succeeded, by the great reviews we keep receiving. This story could not be told without the great music of Japan’s top Shakuhachi flute player — Christopher Yohmei and the melodies of Synthezer player, Uehara. The soundtrack is also available.

First, we decided to film on location in Japan and at the widest range of zen centers and monasteries — from the zen centers in downtown bustling Tokyo to the mountains above Kyoto, it is an incredible film of contrasts. Secondly, we talked to every teacher and roshi that we could find — and then narrowed this down to some of the best interviews on zen life and zen daily practice.

Travelling from the top to the bottom of Japan and across its breadth. Deep into the countryside of Kyoto, to a Rinzai zen center for foreigners to the largest Soto zen monastery in Japan. In this unique film, we are allowed to witness the daily life of the zen monk, preparing food, at work, and learning and seeking answers. You will watch the rituals inside the zendo or meditation hall and of zazen (meditation) and use of Koan’s (questions) to go deeper and deeper into the subconscious. It is a fascinating journey that could change your own life forever. The Zen Mind