The world’s strongest vegan is back with yet another world record

The world's strongest vegan is back with yet another world record

The Vegan-Badass is back. This was my first competition in more than two years and I made a clear statement by shattering my own world-record in the yoke-walk showing that 4 years after going vegan I’m still able to improve on a world class level and I’m back for more. Exactly two years after my Guinness world record Yoke-Walk with 555 kg I was able to improve my own record yesterday during my comeback to strongman sports with 5kg more weight and in a much quicker time of 28sec. This was the fourth world record break since my switch to a vegan diet.
Whoever still thinks that with a cruelty-free diet you aren’t able to perform as well as any other athlete, in any sports, can now at last start to open his/her eyes and face reality. Four years after going vegan I’m athletically back to 100 percent again, and this will not be the last thing you are going to hear from me. VEGAN POWER FOR LIFE!

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