The Venus Project | Jacque Fresco (Interview 2h English London Real 2012)

London Real meets Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project. Futurist and Legendary Creator Jacque Fresco travels from Florida to London to discuss The Venus Project, his candid conversation with Albert Einstein as a young boy, what happened with Peter Joseph and The Zeitgeist Movement, how the Great Depression developed his mindset, and what he would do if elected President of the United States.

“Creativity is taking known elements and putting them together in different ways.” – Jacque (01:55)

“There are no good or bad people, people are shaped by culture or subcultures that they’re part of.” – Jacque (02:49)

“I spoke at Princeton and I titled the lecture ‘Man Can’t Think or Reason’, that made everybody angry and they all wanted to come.” – Jacque (04:10)

“They say people invented language to communicate. That’s strictly B.S., bad science.” – Jacque (05:50)

“When I was a kid I men Einstein and I said, ‘Do you believe in God?’ and he said, ‘Which one?'” – Jacque (07:08)

“So for the Venus Project that means you didn’t invent anything?” – Brian (08:36)

“Today they say this man is good, this man is autistic, this man is gifted. All bullshit.” – Jacque (14:39)

“Are there leaders in The Venus Project?” “No there are people that are studying various aspects of it.” – Brian & Jaque (18:37)

“Is there an ideal world The Venus Project sees one day?” “There’s a better world, never ideal.” – Brian & Jacque (22:48)

“Was there a pivotal incident that caused you to feel that way?” “Yes, my Grandfather.” – Nic & Jacque (28:33)

“I saw an interview with you and Larry King in 1974.” “Larry King was a nice guy he was honest.” – Brian & Jacque (30:57)

“You said modern civilisation wasn’t sustainable and now 30-40 years later it is.” ” Unless we go to war I said.” – Brian & Jacque (32:39)

“In your lifetime in what way have you seen the world deteriorate, anything that really shocked you.” “The first depression, 1929, the market crashed.” – Nic & Jacque (34:22)

“All of us are prostitutes when we work in this culture. The minute we do to work in any industry when you punch that time clock you’re in a dictatorship.” – Jacque (33:17)

“What do you think of the Zeitgeist Movement and what do you think of Peter Joseph?” – Brian (37:10)

“Your work was featured in two of the Zeitgeist movies.” “People said to Peter Joseph the system is corrupt what can we do about it?” – Brian & Jacque (38:28)

“Would you consider making amends with Joseph?” “I can’t let anyone go off in their own direction.” – Brian & Jacque (40:37)

“So to summarize you want to keep your ideas your own?” “No, not true.” – Brian & Jacque (43:55)

“He said he would make the Zeitgeist movement the activist arm of The Venus Project but he never consulted me.” – Jacque (44:35)

“Are we any closer to a resourced-based economy (RBE) now than say 30 years ago.” “Not really.” “Do you think the transition can be made from capitalism?” – Brian & Jacque (49:25)

“You’re 96 years old, you’ve done so much work in your life, what’s left for you to do?” “To train other people in this way of thinking and teach them how to approach people with a different way of thinking.” – Brian & Jacque (54:07)

“Is there anything you have been completely wrong about?” “In the old days yes.” – Nic & Jacque (57:30)

“What if we elected you President this year, what would you do?” “I’d declare all the world’s resources as a common heritage of all the worlds people and get them to join and become one nation.” – Brian & Jacque (59:20)

Music by: Kevin MacLeod & The Edenites:

The Venus Project | Jacque Fresco (Interview 2h English London Real 2012):
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