The risks from Covid-19 | DW Documentary

The risks from Covid-19 | DW Documentary

Sayulita, a fishing village on the west coast of Mexico, has been dependent on tourism for years and doing well. Then came Corona. Now the village is opening up again. The problem: Holidaymakers bring money, but possibly also infection.

Many people in Sayulita have the same problem as Beto. His income from working as a tour guide disappeared from one day to the next. At the moment, he is trying to scrape a living from fishing, but that’s also not profitable without tourism. He is very pleased that vacationers are beginning to return to Sayulita. Most of them are wealthy Americans or Canadians. But many of them are fed up with the coronavirus restrictions back home. They refuse to wear masks or keep their distance and just want to have fun. Medics in Sayulita are warning that infection figures are on the rise. But what can be done? A Report by Xenia Böttcher.


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