The Refugee Experiment – Vote yourself for the best policy

The Refugee Experiment – Vote yourself for the best policy

Bitcoin to vote for Merkel’s Agenda: 16mTVaing8ujrAYSKigmmwAgFeiCDz5x66
Bitcoin to Vote for helping refugees creating a persspective: 1HA5izvrktq449Rtn7imynHNdngXE9MqUZ
Today you have the chance to vote in favor of Angela Merkels politic to flood Europe with refugees, or for helping refugees with building a perspective. Uncontrolled migration into the well-fare society might endanger the fabric of the state. Now , here you can vote for or against Merkel’s political agenda.

Sozialreferentin Brigitte Meier near to breaking up in tears:

SPD-Sozialreferentin Brigitte Meier zur Lage in München

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