The Official “We’re In A Lot Of Trouble” Video

We’re In A Lot Of Trouble
written and performed by DJ Chris Geo
in conjunction with MACBEATZ
Video Edited by DJ Chris Geo

verse 1:

YOU took the mark of the devil just so you can eat and breathe
bowed down at their feet and surrendered liberty
tyranny and terror corrupted dictators
posing as your leaders while they poison every liter
pumpin flouride in the water while they rape Iraqi daughters

dumbin down the public fashion magazines and fodder

now they slaughter weaker nations – faulty explanations
selling fear to the masses terror level elevations
revelations is unfolding – right before your very eyes
wake up in a fema camp drugged and hypnotized

fourth reichs taking over while you focus on your bling
but I bet by this point, you haven’t heard a damn thing

(sub chorus)
it’s destruction by design prophesized in every scripture
take a big step back see the whole picture
it’s distraction of the mind to keep you living in a bubble

verse 2:

Problem, action, reaction solution
you’d better wake up to the formula their using

state sponsored terror to burn our constitution
weapons of mass deception and other media delusions

using double speak to keep you following like sheep
CNN and FOX NEWS to keep the populus asleep

never look and never question, heading towards recession
the dollars worth a nickel and we’re ruled by our posessions

did I mention that those towers fell in less than an hour?
ignorance is bliss, the source of their power

but they’ll cowar in the shadows if we all wake up and see
that the land that we’re living in is nothing close to free

(sub chorus)

verse 3:

now your living as a slave- high tech police state
warrentless searches and waterboarding awaits
manditory vaccines to keep you sedated
big brother on the screen to keep the public isolated

conspiracy theories now conspiracy facts
thought crimes condemned like terroristic attacks
everytime you take a breathe, you pay another tax
everytime you take a step, it’s documented and tracked

it’s wack how we’re living- the planets a prison
you should have listened up and question 9-11
declare a revolution, defend our constitution
a public execution of corrupted institutions

(sub chorus)

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Eine Antwort zu „The Official “We’re In A Lot Of Trouble” Video“

  1. Avatar von Joey

    This is what happens when a countries populous becomes so bombarded with distractions that they stop keeping an eye on the government.
    I don’t personally know if the consequences of our apathetic masses will be this extreme but we should be taking heed to these sorts of warnings and stop letting them sell us lies.