The New World Order | IFC’s 2009

Der “Independent Film Channel” (IFC) hat einen professionellen aber auch fairen Dokumentarfilm über Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski und weitere Aktivisten in der 9/11-Wahrheitsbewegung gedreht. Der Film ist erst vor einigen Tagen herausgekommen. From the award winning filmmakers of DARKON (SXSW Audience Award 2006) comes New World Order, a feature length documentary about conspiracy theorists directed by Luke Meyer and Andrew Neel. The film is a behind the scenes look at the underground movement of people who want to expose “global elitists,” whom they claim are covertly masterminding a series of destructive events to cause a mass breakdown of the world’s economy and society. Once the world has fallen into chaos, these same “elitists” will offer a plan to rebuild the economic and social structure of the world (to their liking). This theory is also known as the New World Order.

The film captures this growing anti-New World Order movement as it targets the annual Bilderberg conference, and the 9/11 attacks as focal points in the alleged global conspiracy. Alex Jones, a celebrity radio host, and underground cult hero, is the central character of the film. The film chronicles Alex and four other conspiracy theorists on their ceaseless quest to expose the “massive global conspiracy” they believe threatens the future of humanity.

New World Order is a film about people who believe in conspiracy theories and why they believe in them, not about the theories themselves. This film does not try to prove or disprove conspiracy theories. At its core, New World Order is a film about the power of ideas, and the power of ideas to change one’s life and define one’s actions.

New World Order will premiere on demand on IFC Free April 16, 2009. A new documentary. Enjoy!

The Independent Film Channel presents… Title: NEW WORLD ORDER Genre: Documentary, First Air Date: 2009.Apr.16, Duration: 1h25m58s, Website: Video: DivX 5 704×480 29.97fps 985Kbps, Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 128Kbps Source: Digital Cable


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    Hi Everyone, SeeThink appreciates your enthusiasm and support for the film. We wanted to bring a high level of production value to the film and in order to do so, we needed a networks financial backing. IFC was involved from the very beginning and they allowed us to make the film we wanted to make. For that, we are grateful. IFC is a basic cable channel.

    This means that their budgets are not anywhere near competitive with the premium channels (such as HBO, Discovery, History Channel). In exchange for working with a much smaller budget IFC allows their filmmakers to retain certain rights (as a means of additional compensation). At this point it looks as if SeeThink will be self-releasing the DVD. Part of this is due to the controversial subject matter and part because of the film’s rapid illegal availability on the internet.

    We are hoping to recoup our costs and sustain out ability to continue to make films with DVD sales. In consideration of the time, effort and out-of-pocket expenses SeeThink has incurred to make this film we would like to ask that the people who read this forum consider this before continuing to distribute the film. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Tom, Andrew and Luke from SeeThink

    Wie im Text zu lesen ist, wird gewünscht den Film nicht zu veröffentlichen.

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    film lädt nicht! ?

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