The Meaning of Movement | With multidisciplinary artist Javier Cura

The Meaning of Movement | With multidisciplinary artist Javier Cura
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In this episode of The Spark, we visit Argentine-American multidisciplinary artist Javier Cura in Bechyně, Czech Republic, to talk about the philosophy and motivation behind his regular workshop called “The Ecological Body”. In this workshop, participants not only dance improvisationally, inspired by a combination of tango and contact improvisation, but also go out into nature together to rediscover the body’s lost richness of movement.

Javier Cura is an argentine american multidisciplinary artist. He completed his Master in Modern Literature at Buenos Aires University (Argentina). He has dedicated himself to the Fine Arts having created several art exhibitions of objects, sculptures and installations in Bs.As, Arg.
He has performed, directed and created dance theatre shows in Argentina, Colombia, USA, Italy, Germany and Indonesia. He presently teaches contact-tango, physical theatre and contact-improv internationally and regularly visits England, Italy, France, Czeck Rep, Germany and Argentina. He has been invited to teach at ZIP Contact Impro festival at Orvieto, Italy, at the Freiburg Contact Festival in Germany, at Alchemie Tango Festival in Prague, at the West Coast Contact Impro Festival, San Francisco (USA) and at Phantastango Tango Festival in Germany.
His last piece that merges tango and contact in a physical-theatre context was presented in Prague’s Dance Theatre “Farma Festival”, in Italy’s Terni Festival and in Mar del Plata, Argentina. In 2009, he was invited by Fabrik Potsdam Dance Theatre Festival to create a Physical Theatre and Tango show with participants of his workshops. He is currently living in Berlin where he is conducting a research on Contact Improvisation expression at the Berlin Free University.

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„The Spark“ is a program in which we interview socially engaged people who are working to improve various aspects of our society. In this program, we offer a platform to associations, activists, artists, etc. with the aim of promoting democratic civic engagement.

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