The Marks of a Beast System

The history of man is marked by death and wickedness from before the times of Babylon unto the present day. From the burning of “heretics” in Europe to slavery and the holocaust that the African people were met with; the Babylonian Brotherhood was behind the scenes bringing these events to pass as a means to an end towards their global agenda.

In the 20th century the Manhattan project gave birth to the Atomic bomb and a new breed of weapons that could cause untold of destruction. The splitting of the atom to harness its energy is one of the most appalling crimes against nature and the Creator to ever be committed by man.

They have not stopped there and yet another breed of weapons systems have been developed that fall under the euphemism of non-lethal weapons. This time they have honed in on the electromagnetic frequency of living organisms where the mind and organs of the body are now the targets of invisible waves.

From 1994 to 2002 I was heavily targeted with these EMF (electromagnetic frequency) weapons on six occasions. Each time I was psychically raped in the most traumatic of ways and each time I built up a resistance when standing in the “fire” of these weapons. I learned over time how to yield to overcome the emf frequencies that I was receiving by becoming non-reactive to the stimuli. Eventually, like children who are pinning for attention who don’t get the response they are looking for, they backed off of me considerably.

I am not the only one who has had to endure such an intrusion. There are countless other victims of these weapons in America and abroad. Some of the victims know they are being targeted and sadly, because of the illusive nature of these weapons, some are living under the illusion that they are suffering from a mental disease and have no conception that such weapons exist.

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