The impact of terrorism on tourism | DW Documentary

The impact of terrorism on tourism | DW Documentary

Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey: tourists to these countries are often targeted by terrorists. A climate of fear prevails and holidaymakers are staying away.

Attacks on foreign tourists set off a disastrous chain reaction: first they bring fear, then the tourists stay away and the economy takes a nosedive, leading to job losses and more radicalization.
Tourism sectors in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey have traditionally provided unskilled workers with jobs that allow them to feed their families. But with fears of terrorism affecting visitor numbers to Muslim countries, more and more people are unemployed and becoming desperate, with state help almost non-existent.

We look at the dire social situation in these countries, and examine the impact of anti-terrorism policies there. Tunisia’s fledgling democracy is increasingly clamping down on returnees from IS regions and tightening its security, while Egypt’s military regime is pursuing a much stricter security regime and using widespread surveillance. Turkey, meanwhile, is using the fight against terrorists as a pretext to step up authoritarian controls.

Meet people who are desperately hoping the tourists will return, politicians, terrorists, journalists and civil rights activists.

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