The apostle comes from Africa — a contemporary passion story | DW Documentary

The apostle comes from Africa — a contemporary passion story | DW Documentary

The fight of refugees for better living conditions is at the centre of Milo Rau’s new project. The renowned theatre director wants to end their exploitation. His film recasts the Passion of Christ, with refugees as Jesus and Apostles.

Anthony Nwachukwu – one of the apostle’s in „The Revolt of Dignity“ – is from Nigeria. He has spent months as a seasonal laborer on farms in southern Italy. It is hard work for little money and he is one of many being exploited. Yet few rise up against the farmers and wholesalers; the migrants in Italy have no lobby. They are frightened. Milo Rau chose to put the spotlight on this misery in Matera, one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture, which has often served as a set for films about Jesus. The film crew and the refugees move through the city, reenacting the Passion of Christ and at the same time putting the spotlight on the situation today. A report by Andrea Kasiske.

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