Talking over the phone with Scammer Thieves (PART2)

Talking over the phone with Scammer Thieves (PART2)

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Lets Call scammers and destroy them and save victims

Quelle des Video: Scammer Payback

Videodauer: 00:41:14
Video-Autor-Titel: Scammer Payback
Video-Kanal-ID: UCC9EjyMN_hx5NdctLBx5X7w
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2022-05-07 00:16:28
Video-Tags: scammers,scam,scambaiting,scambaiter,scammer

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Scammer Payback
“Scammers are ruthless, and that is why I am here. My channel is all about bringing awareness to this critical problem with humor and fun. We will learn a lot of things along the way and if I help one person through this, it will be worth it.” TIPLINE: