Stop funding our destruction | Fridays For Future

Stop funding our destruction | Fridays For Future

*warning: siren sounds at the beginning of the video*

The fossil fuel industry is destroying ecosystems, people’s lives, and our future, yet institutions continue to support and fund this destructive, decaying industry. It is time to phase out fossil fuel with no exceptions and no excuses, while factoring in justice and equity for workers and communities on the ground.

The youth stand side by side with our environmental defenders and frontline communities battling the monster that is the fossil fuel industry. Today, we strike all over the world for climate justice, for immediate action. We are fed up with the indifference and inaction. We say #NoMoreEmptyPromises. World leaders, fossil fuel industry, watch out, brace yourselves. We are relentless, uncompromising, and we will keep fighting back.


*Some names have been omitted for safety and security reasons
Music by Kevin Macleod


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