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In 1994, Hutu militias slaughtered over 800,000 people, most of them from the Tutsi minority. Alain Gauthier and his wife Dafroza are trying to bring those hiding in Europe to justice.

Rwanda, Kigali, at the Genocide Memorial. Alain and Dafroza Gauthier remember the atrocities committed here. Dafroza is Rwandan, and lost her mother in the genocide 25 years ago. Back then, the international community looked on as the Hutu majority murdered hundreds of thousands of Tutsis and regime critics in just a few weeks. Many survivors still feel forsaken. The wheels of justice have been turning slowly, leaving many perpetrators unpunished to this day. Alain and Dafroza Gauthier won’t stand for it: They want to track down the murderers who managed to flee to Europe. France, in particular, was long deemed a safe haven because it was the only country that blocked extradition requests to Rwanda.

So far, only three perpetrators have been convicted in France – a total that Alain Gauthier finds completely unacceptable. He suspects there are many other Rwandans living in France who are guilty of taking part in the massacres. Alain Gauthier and his Collective of Civil Plaintiffs for Rwanda (CPCR) have filed some 40 complaints in the last twenty years. But their fight for justice is a race against time. With each passing year, it becomes more and more difficult to find reliable witnesses.


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