re:publica 2015 – Next up on the political agenda: Cybersecurity

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re:publica 2015 – Next up on the political agenda: Cybersecurity

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This panel will address the main challenges for digital policies and notably cybersecurity in 2015. Recent developments have highlighted the shaky balance on which the call for freedom and human rights online are currently based. While the creation of a Special Rapporteur for the Right to Privacy may certainly be seen as a positive sign, other measures and changes in legislation are less promising. Featuring four speakers, two American, two German, the panel will outline the main challenges and explore why it is vital to include a broad range of voices and perspectives to shape the debate and influence security-inspired rhetorics in a positive manner.

Cathleen Berger
Federal Foreign Office

Jillian York

Becky Kazansky

Anita Gohdes

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(CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

re:publica: Eine jährliche Konferenz über Blogs, soziale Medien und die digitale Gesellschaft in Berlin. / re:publica is Europe’s most exciting and Germany’s biggest conference when it comes to blogs, social media, and our society in the digital age.