re:publica 2015 – Challenging Europe and the World: How China is Creating its Own Web (Experience)

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The Internet in China is more than just censorship. Largely unnoticed by most western spectators, Chinese companies have developed innovative digital solutions, providing users with home-grown ecosystems of apps, hardware and services. Chinese netizen create new spaces of identity management, public discourse and civic engagement. These dynamics increasingly shape the pace of global digital innovation. Europe may find itself in a position to choose between a Chinese and an American version of the Internet.

Hauke Gierow

Kristin Shi-Kupfer

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany
(CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

re:publica: Eine jährliche Konferenz über Blogs, soziale Medien und die digitale Gesellschaft in Berlin. / re:publica is Europe’s most exciting and Germany’s biggest conference when it comes to blogs, social media, and our society in the digital age.

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