re:publica 2014 – Gate keeping, old and new. How freedo…

re:publica 2014 – Gate keeping, old and new. How freedo…

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Some Internet giants exhibit double standards: They rely on constitutional freedom of speech guarantees (i.e. the First Amendment) as a basis for their business models but at the same time deprive their users of these freedoms. This is especially problematic in cases of journalistic content because of the role journalism has in society – as an essential force in allowing public debate and forming public opinion. Constituting, in short, a society’s conversation with itself. We urgently need new models and ideas to resolve this situation.

Matthias Spielkamp

Jillian York

Alexa O’Brien

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re:publica: Eine jährliche Konferenz über Blogs, soziale Medien und die digitale Gesellschaft in Berlin. / re:publica is Europe’s most exciting and Germany’s biggest conference when it comes to blogs, social media, and our society in the digital age.