re:publica 2013: Music Recommendation – Future Casting

re:publica 2013: Music Recommendation - Future Casting

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The selection of music online is enormous. But many users would like better recommendation systems. Experts say inadequate recommendations are the biggest hurdle facing commercial success of streaming services.

Die Auswahl an Musik im Netz ist riesig. Doch viele Nutzer wünschen sich bessere Empfehlungsfunktionen. Das ist die eigentliche Hürde, die dem Durchbruch von Streamingdiensten noch im Wege steht.

Waiting for the UberRecommender
Streaming established itself as one of the top distribution channels in addition to downloads and phonorecords. Spotify and Deezer are caught up in arat race for world domination; an IPO or other glamorous exit seem to be only a matter of time. But are the products currently being offered really sophisticated enough? One hears users and experts alike complaining about the lack of creative and above all more powerful recommendation features. Many users see this shortcoming as one of the main blockers for music streaming services to make a commercial breakthrough.Even sophisticated, algorithm-based recommendation technologies, like Fraunhofer´s sound-fingerprint…

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