re:publica 2013 – Mark Rendeiro: Personal Revolutions Along the Nile

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The most important and neglected story that people outside Egypt today over the course of the past 2 years have never heard, is the story of the personal changes. The so-called small details that, more-so than the political games and street battles, have made big changes in the lives of individuals, families, and neighborhoods.

When it comes to assessing the events unfolding between January 2011 and at this very moment in Egypt, there is no shortage of writing, debating, pontificating, and bullshitting in the media or within the neverending noise of social media. Many claim to know exactly what is going on and pricisely where it is all going, with the main 2 points of view tilting either towards mass chaos or the birth of a new more beautiful, magical nation.
In November 2012, together with a pioneer of the offline and online radio world, I set out for North Africa in a 100% crowdfunded mission to speak with and above all, listen to creative and active voices of artists and story tellers. Those that not only creat…

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