re:publica 2013 – Kai Schächtele, Monis Bukhari: The story of Baladna FM: How a Syrian online radio

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The example of Baladna FM shows, how 10 000 hacker from Russia are trying to destroy everything, which supports the Syrian revolution on the web.

In two ways Baladna FM ( is a symbol for how the society is dealing with this war and what problems the people have to cope with. On the one hand the online radio station, which was founded in September 2012 in Amman and distributes the programs via Soundcloud, Youtube and Voscast, is telling the stories of people who are trying to get along in every day life. The 100 complimentary freelancers, who are based in Syria, but also in cities from Amman to Amsterdam, want to spend courage and power for holding out to the people in Syria.
On the other hand the website has to cope with ongoing hacker attacks. Around 20 000 Russian hackers, who at least sympathize with the regime, are …

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