re:publica 2012 – Stefan Lindegaard – Open Innovation – Insights into the Buzz

re:publica 2012 - Stefan Lindegaard - Open Innovation - Insights into the Buzz

The re:innovate track highlighted different perspectives on Open Innovation. This session presents a methodic point of view.
Companies began embracing open innovation because of the promises given by this new paradigm shift of innovation. Today, they have no choice. Everyone needs to get onboard — or they will be left in the dust. In this talk, Stefan Lindegaard, a globally recognized author, speaker and consultant on open innovation will tell you why they have no choice and how open innovation effects everyone from individuals to entrepreneurs to big company innovators.

In the talk, you will get these insights into the essentials: What open innovation is and why it matters? Lindegaard will give an overview of the mindset and skills needed to succeed with open innovation and will explain how social media impact open innovation efforts.

Stefan Lindegaard
Stefan Lindegaard is a Copenhagen-based speaker, network facilitator, and adviser on open innovation and intrapreneurship. He is the author of the books, “The Open Innovation Revolution” and “Making Open innovation Work” and helps companies on the topics of open innovation, intrapreneurship, and how to identify and develop the people who drive innovation.

He has served as a strategic advisor and facilitator for innovation leaders and intrapreneurs from such global companies as Bang & Olufsen, Danfoss, Grundfos, Lego, Novo Nordisk, and Novozymes. His work in this field includes a pioneering business plan competition at the industrial giant, Danfoss. The program succeeded so well that it inspired other world-class companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Novozymes to undertake similar programs. Visit his blog at

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