Radical Militias in the US | DW Documentary

Radical Militias in the US | DW Documentary

Black Lives Matter protests have brought increased tensions to the US. Kenosha, Wisconsin, saw unrest after the police shooting of a Black father. In opposition to the protests, armed militias like „American Wolf“ are also on the streets.

A 17-year-old has been arrested and charged with murder after two people were killed. His lawyer claims that his client had acted in self-defence. We have closed the comment function for this video, as we do not want the fight from the streets continued in the comment section.

Peter Diaz is the leader of ‚American Wolf‘. He’s also the proud owner of numerous semi-automatic weapons. He and his comrades regularly train at a shooting range. They take their guns to anti-racism protests. Diaz says: „These people are not protesters. [They’re] criminals, actively working to destabilize our government, destroy our way of life.” For three months, the militiamen have patrolled the streets every day. But now their opponents on the left of the political spectrum are forming similar groups, like the „New Black Liberation Militia“ in Atlanta. In their words, their mission is to ensure Black survival in the 21st century. Is it just a matter of time before right- and left-wing militias come into direct conflict? A report by Oliver Sallet.


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