„RACE for Future“ – Formula E in Berlin | DW Documentary

„RACE for Future“ – Formula E in Berlin | DW Documentary

Formula 1 was yesterday for Nico Rosberg. Today it´s green racing, environmentally-friendly and innovative technologies in Formula E motorsports: The green racing circuit in Berlin.
With Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg, Dilbagh Gil’s Indian Mahindra Racing Team, and eROCKIT CEO Andreas Zurwehme. „All lights are on and we go green in Berlin“. It’s the 10th race of the FIA Formula E season – this is where the present and the future meet. Eco-friendly Formula E motor racing is the ideal showcase for new and innovative mobility solutions and pushes the boundaries for day-to-day applicability. The green racing circuit has been coming to Germany’s capital for the past five years – and it’s a big hit. E-mobility is the future! We accompany Formula 1 world champion and Greentech co-founder Nico Rosberg, Dilbagh Gil’s Indian Mahindra Racing Team, and the electric motorcycle company eROCKIT CEO Andreas Zurwehme to learn more.


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