Politicon 2019 – ‚Keep America Great‘ panel with Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Elisha Krauss & G. Jacobs

Politicon 2019 - 'Keep America Great' panel with Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Elisha Krauss & G. Jacobs

An all Republican panel discussion moderated by Guy Benson took place on October 26nd at Politicon 2019 when conservative superstars Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Elisha Krauss and mayor Glenn Jacobs discussed how the USA is holding up under President Trump.

So has Trump made America truly great again and if so how are he and the Republican party going to „Keep America Great“ (KAG) in 2020 and beyond?

What will decide the 2020 election and how much will Trump benefit from a still booming economy & stock market and a consistently low unemployment rate? Will he make inroads with Latinos, African Americans and women who have been the benefeciaries of most of the job gains and will he be rewarded at the ballot box for avoiding new wars?

What needs to be done to further improve the state of the union from a conservative perspective and when will Trump finally keep his biggest 2016 campaign promise and build the wall Ann Coulter asks ?

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