Politicon 2019 – Ana Kasparian versus Tomi Lahren on guns, immigration, the wall, Trump & socialism

Politicon 2019 - Ana Kasparian versus Tomi Lahren on guns, immigration, the wall, Trump & socialism

One of the most interesting encounters at Politicon 2019 took place between Ana Kasparian, one of the leading female Progressives in the USA & executive producer and host on The Young Turks (TYT) Network, and Tomi Lahren, who is a Fox Nation host, author and political commentator and of the most important & influental conservative voices in the nation.

The very lively conversation between Kasparian and Lahren was moderated by Clay Aiken, who did his best to keep the tone of the debate civil.

Most of the current hot button issues in the USA very discussed and the first part of the debate focused on guns, 2nd amandment rights, border security, immigration and Trump´s wall. Tomi Lahren, who has visited the border a couple of times herself, explained why she is pro law enforcement & pro police and why a wall to Mexico needs to be build and critized the immigration policy of Democrats in general. Ana Kasparian called out Trump´s scapegoating of immigrants and agreed that establishment Democrats have not done a great job explaining their immigration policies in general and on the wall in particular. She explained why in her opinion a border wall to Mexiko is not the solution to the immigration issue and that America needs to help Central American countries like El Salvador and Honduras to deal with their severe problems.

On guns Lahren forcefully explained why she is strictly in favor of the 2nd amandment and the right to bear arms and she implicitly criticized some Democrats for their positions on guns. Kasparian did not cede any ground on this issue and explained why common sense background checks are needed and that there are still gun legislation loopholes which are being exploited.

On the economy Lahren praised the low unemployment rates and Trump´s work on the issue. Kasparian explained that while more people are working most of these jobs are underpaid & part time & minimum wage jobs and that consumer debt is rising and that
more and more Americans are living in economic dispair.

Both women were highly critical of their respective parties establishment (politicians) and agreed that President Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left have shown how successful populist movements can be successful.

Kasparian fiercly critized corporate influence in politics and explained why progressive policies like Medicare for All will benefit the people. Lahren argued why she is against socialism & government handouts and that free college and making people
being dependent on the government is not her preferred way forward.

They also briefly discussed the homelessness crisis in California and in the USA in general and agreed that civil discourse especially in times of political polarization is important.

Towards the end of the conversation Kasparian echoed one of the most inspiring & powerful lines of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign so far when she quoted the Vermont senator saying: “I am willing to fight for someone I dont know” – and explained why she & other Progressives will continue to fight against a system that is rigged against the working class and the poor in the USA.

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