Pickup läuft mit 100% Wasser | Pickup Runs on 100% Water!

Inventor Frederick W. Wood, and his associate, David Seigler, from Future Energy Concepts, Inc., give a video tour of the pickup truck that they claim to have converted to run on nothing but hydroxy gas, electrolyzed on-board, and on-demand, via a super-efficient electrolysis (from water) method they have developed. Their system allegedly produces 55 liters per minute on 55 amps. They also say the truck recently completed a road trip of more than 3000 miles, running on this set-up.

These guys crack me up. Their personality, excited about their development, is contagious and funny. I could see this video going viral just for those reasons. FOLLOW-UP: Chava Energy ChavaEnergy.com was present on April 21 to validate the technology. However, it turned out that the claimed technology was not in a condition to be tested during the visit and the Inventor Fred Wells was not present either, only his business partner. Therefore, none of the claims could be validated and Chava Energy generously offered to conduct a test in the future once the system is running reliably.

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We’ve launched an open source project page here:

Their official website is: http://www.FutureEnergyConceptsINC.com/



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