**OUR APOLOGY** GERMAN MORGZ explained by GERMANS 🥨 Fatih Brate IS Morgz?!

**OUR APOLOGY** GERMAN MORGZ explained by GERMANS 🥨 Fatih Brate IS Morgz?!

We are really sorry for FATIH BRATE. Uhm. German Morgz! He ripped of Morgz really deeply and we owe you an apology. Because Fatih Brate is german. WE are german. Let’s talk.


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Fatih Brate became famous in the last weeks for stealing the video content of british YouTuber Morgz. Many of you had questions. Is Fatih Brate an exact copy of Morgz? We checked it and: Yes, he is. He does not just copy the ideas of Morgz. He photoshops his face on nearly EVERY Thumbnail of Morgz’. He translates the title to german and is filming the exact same scence and most of the time Fatih Brate is also saying the exact same things as Morgz.

Sometimes this leads to weird situation. For example: Morgz is closing the bathroom door behind his mother, locking her in by holding the pawl. Fatih wants to do the same – but there is no pawl at his bathroom door. So he is just closing the door and acts like he was locking up a person.

We are ashamed and deeply sorry. It’s time for an apology.

Maybe you can show our video to English Youtubers who wanted to know who Fatih Brate really is:

this is the German Morgz... (cringe warning)

German Morgz Copying Morgz Copying MrBeast For 10 Minutes Straight

And feel free to show this video to Morgz as well.

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