On the spectrum and on the Seven Seas | DW Documentary

On the spectrum and on the Seven Seas | DW Documentary

Five young people go on a sailing trip together — nothing unusual in that. What makes this adventure special is that all the participants have autism. It’s a shared experienced aimed at boosting self-esteem in everyday life.

This is a challenging step for all five. Everything is different here, no day like the last. The ship is cramped. Social contact is unavoidable. Luckily, co-skipper Corinna is an experienced support worker. It’s not long before the sparks begin to fly — but when all’s said and done, this is the high point of the year for them all. Because all the sailors have autism, there’s no need to for them to change themselves, or mask any problems they might encounter in this unfamiliar environment. Back home on dry land, it’s often a very different story. A report by Anna Marie Goretzki.

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