Occupy California: 39 Verhaftungen nach Polizeigewalt-Eskalation (Englisch)

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This week the Occupy movement drew thousands of California college students to protests on at least 10 campuses, including UC-Irvine, UCLA, and UC-Berkeley, where police forcibly removed students and arrested 39 people. Democracy Now! airs a video report from John Hamilton, who reports for KPFA.

To watch an extended interview with David Crosby and Graham Nash on Democracy Now!, read the transcript, download the podcast, and for additional information about Democracy Now!

Occupy Cal: 39 Arrested in Forceful Crackdown on Massive Protest at UC-Berkeley
Occupy California: 39 Verhaftungen nach Polizei-Gewalteskalation (Englisch):
Occupy California: 39 Verhaftungen nach Polizei-Gewalteskalation (Englisch)



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