Occupation – Jung & Naiv in Palestine: Episode 190

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Occupation – Jung & Naiv in Palestine: Episode 190

What’s the longest occupation in modern times? What’s the difference between Fatah & Hamas? Are they both “terror organizations”? Why cant Israeli citizens visit the Westbank? Are settlements bad? Is resistance an international right? do Palestinians have a right to a swimming pool? why don’t Palestinians have 3G mobile connections? what do the Palestinian territories have to do with swiss cheese? Is the wall acceptable? How can there be peace? Is the two state solution over? Do Palestinians make more love than Israelis? Why does Sabri believe in sense?

From Ramallah with Sabri Saidam, advisor of Palestinian president Abbas, former Minister of Telecom & IT in Palestine and Deputy Secretary General of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council.

Jung & Naiv, episode 190 from Ramallah, Palestine, August 14th, 2014.

Thanks to Brent Sluder for our new Middle Eastern theme song. Thanks to the Ben Kollektiv for new graphics.

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